Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year. New Day.

OK, OK. I admit it. 2009 was a washout for my updates. I have so many half written blogs it's crazy. Covering 30 or so events from last year and my reflections on observations.
It's harder than I thought. Things just get busy and u get sidetracked.
I'll try to 'Make It Happen' this year.
At least a lil more than last.

It was a great year though. Things have changed so much in the last few years. The amount of events and dancers. The quality of both. The emergence of 'dance' competitions on television and the stench of exploitation. Busy times!!
I start with a quick jaunt to Switzerland this weekend then Finland the following.

*As an aside, I started training a popping group recently. These guys are gonna be amazing. I'm hoping they put the UK back on the map as Soul Mavericks did with breaking. It's gonna be hard but they are definitely up to the challenge.
I need a name. The working title at the moment is 'Monsters Inc.', cos that's what they are.



Unknown said...

Haha, MonSTARS Inc.

Phil Hall said...

Geeza - a friend of mine was reading my blog and he noticed you were following it. He sent me this email:
I used to know of (and met once or twice MANY years ago - he wouldn't remember) a Dj Renegade who used to Dj for a SE London Hip Hop act called Blade. Blade was Lewisham based and famous for being very much an indie act - he'd sell his records from a shoulder bag on the streets. I got a thanks in the notes of Blade's first album and he went onto limited chart/Top of the Pops/Buzzcocks success after recording with a Dj called Mark B. I'm rambling.

Dj Renegade split from Blade to work with a group called Son of Noise (formally Hardnoise) who have produced some of the best, imho, UK Hip Hop tunes in history. "Serve Tea Then Murder" not only being one of my faves but also being a great title :)

Anyway, if memory serves correct Renegade used to work or hang around Cavern Records in Lewisham and maybe I even saw him at the Paley's comic shop but we're going back to when to pre-1992 because I was still at school :o

So if that is him and you know him - you can let him know that an ex-Lewisham boy living in Kent regularly plays music he had a hand in and give him my best wishes :)
So, if it is you, there you have it and if it isn't, I've just left a really long comment :)


DJ Renegade said...

Hahahah. Hey Phil That's me alright!!